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Hello, my name is Peter Westerholm, and I'm running to be your District 6 Metro Council member. Here in District 6, just as in all of Nashville, there will be challenges in the years ahead. I believe that together, we can make sure that our part of the city leads Nashville in becoming an even better place to live.


As some of you may recall, four years ago, I introduced an idea called "Smart Growth, Smart Nashville." This platform conveyed the simple idea that by focusing our growth in higher density, mixed use projects along established arteries, we could improve mass transit, save money on public infrastructure, preserve more open space, and create more functional, cost-effective, sustainable neighborhoods for everyone.


Since that time, we have seen parts of this idea take effect while others still await implementation. Bus rapid transit is getting people to work faster than driving. Downtown connectors are answering the need for short trips within the urban core. Small businesses are surviving tough times due to the residents living nearby. But much work remains.


In the days, months, and years ahead, our city will be undergoing changes that begin in the urban core and spread throughout the county. It is vitally important for all of us that this transformation takesplace with a deliberate vision of what our city will be 20, 30, and 50 years into the future. Downtown will increasingly become a residential, business, and cultural destination, requiring a transitsystem that efficiently moves people within the urban core and surrounding neighborhoods, along with housing options for a wider variety of residents. Neighborhoods must be livable and sustainable, with vibrant, safe streets to maximize the benefits of our public space. District 6 plays a crucial role in the urban core: Smart Growth Starts Here.